Tessa is the author of two young adult fantasy series: THE BLOOD JOURNALS, gothic horror and romance on the prairie, and GODS OF NEW ASGARD, epic road trip romances set in an alternate USA founded by Vikings and their gods, as well as the adult SFF novel THE QUEENS OF INNIS LEAR with Tor. Her forthcoming work is the YA fantasy STRANGE GRACE with McElderry coming September 18, 2018.


While dozens of Tessa's stories are available online at, she's the co-author of two books about writing YA fantasy: THE CURIOSITIES and THE ANATOMY OF CURIOSITY. Her stories have also appeared in several anthologies, including GRIM, DEFY THE DARK, CORSETS AND CLOCKWORK, and TALES OF THE FAR WEST.


Tessa is currently a writer for season 3 of Serial Box Publishing's hit series TREMONTAINE. Based on Ellen Kushner's beloved Riverside books. Full of swords, scandal, and sex!

"They've traded the glass coffin for the wilderness experience"

- Jeannine Hall Gailey, "When the Princess Becomes a Prophet"