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Merry Fates

MF selfi smilesThe Merry Sisters of Fate is a collaborative fiction blog that I ran for four years with Maggie Stiefvater, and Brenna Yovanoff. We wrote YA short stories every week. I tended toward the mythical and bloody, Maggie prefered her monsters with a heavy dose of angst and sarcasm, and Brenna lured readers in with delicate and dangerous sense of the macabre.


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Recently, our short story project THE CURIOSITIES: A Collection of Stories came out from Carolrhoda Lab. It’s an exciting not-quite-anthology with behind the scenes conversations and fun illustrations we drew ourselves.

A follow up, THE ANATOMY OF CURIOSITY released October 2015.



Here are a handful of my favorite stories (that are NOT available in the not-anthology project):


MASK OF PETALS, MASK OF THORNS: If you fall in love with a Beast, can you truly love the man he becomes?

THREE TRUE THINGS: a boy struggles with his sexuality and an old family curse.

HOMEFRONT: Post-traumatic stress, war, and what we fight for.

ONE WING: a boy with an arm covered in a wing tattoo promises a kiss to any girl who guesses why.

DEVILS OF OUR BETTER SELVES: the dark secrets behind those perfect fairy tale castles, and bravery.

DUSK: a vampire falls in love with a teenage girl not because she’s pretty or kind, but because she’s a monster, too.

THE CENTER OF VALOR: loyalty and betrayal and love, and refusing to choose.

JACK’S FIELD OF BARGAINS: finding first love in a junk yard, learning the nature of trade.

LOVE IN IDLENESS: Puck in love, out of love, in love again.

EDGE: My one and only sci-fi tale on the entire website. About angels and outer space and transformation.

STROKE: A modern faerie story, with tarot and self-help and one especially mischievous fool named Amadan.

MAD SIGNS: Amadan returns to hunt on a college campus.

HORSEMAN’S LOVE: obsession and love and death starring Katrina and the Headless Horseman.

THE COLD THAT FLAYS THE SKIN: about a boy whose face changes every year at Christmas.

PIG: what happens when the summer gods forget you.

DUENDE GIRL: sort-of Cinderella, sort-of creepy Mexican faeries.

THE DRAGON OF SAVANNAH: a weird little story about kids and freedom and kissing.

HOW MISS HENINGTON-FINCH CAME TO ACQUIRE A PAIR OF WINGS: Victorians and mutations and arranged marriages and dangerous love.

STAINS: some of my favorite magic, experimenting with past tense, and UNICORNS.

INHERITANCE: a ghost story.

photo by Andrew Karre.