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THE APPLE THRONE is available where books are sold!

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There is only one person in the whole world who remembers the famous prophet Astrid Glyn: the berserker Soren Bearstar.

Ever since Astrid agreed to give up her life, her name, and even her prophetic dreams to become Idun the Young, the almost-goddess who protects the apples of immortality in a secret mountain orchard, she’s been forgotten by everyone. Everyone except Soren. 

For the last two years he’s faithfully visited her every three months. Then one day he doesn’t come. Though forbidden to leave the orchard, Astrid defies the gods by escaping with a bastard son of Thor to find Soren. But ancient creatures are moving in the mountains beneath the country. They are desperate to leave the shadows and Astrid’s quest might be the key they need.

Not-quite-a-goddess, but no longer only a girl, Astrid must choose a path that will save herself and the people she loves without unraveling the ancient magic that holds the entire nine worlds together.

Welcome to the final chapter of the United States of Asgard. 

Coming April 20th, 2015 across all platforms, ebook and POD.

Cover design by Saundra Mitchell.




Gold Runner SMALL

GOLD RUNNER, a Novella of Godlings, Theft, and Teenaged Gods: Amon Thorson doesn’t hate his father, Thor the god of thunder, but he did try to kill him once. Not that Thor seemed to notice—all he did to punish Amon was break his arm and send him off to lick his wounds. Ever since, Amon has done everything he can to stay on his dad’s bad side, from disrespectful language and terrible public interviews, to dealing illegal substances and black-market artifacts. The best—or worst—of which is transporting elf gold. For gold made by elfish magic ruins people. It addicts them and tempts them to do terrible things to themselves and others, and with this venture, Amon may be stirring up more trouble than he can handle. 

When Amon picks up a strange girl with too many secrets and somebody steals Loki’s Mask of Changing, Amon finally gets his father’s attention. He’s marked as the prime suspect in the theft and one of Thor’s best hunters is put on Amon’s tail, a hunter who won’t stop until he’s nailed Amon for something. 

And to complicate matters, Amon might be falling in love with a monster.



Lady Berserk SMALLLADY BERSERK, a Novella of Dragons, Trickster Gods, and Reality TV: Vider Bearskin used to be in love with Loki, the Norse god of mischief and orphans. And Loki loved her, too, or that’s what she believed, until the day she called his name and he did not come, not even to save the lives of her mother and baby sister. So when Vider helps rescue Baldur the Beautiful and the Alfather offers her a boon, she asks to be made into his first female berserker warrior in generations. 

Now she doesn’t need Loki. She doesn’t need any god, because Vider has power inside herself and she knows how to use it. 

When she’s asked to be one of six celebrity dragon slayers in a televised dragon hunt on the Kansa Prairie, Vider never considers declining—even if Loki is also invited. 

But Loki seems determined to insert himself into Vider’s life once again and she quickly realizes not all is as it seems. There’s more than one dragon for Vider to battle: the ancient creatures sleeping under the hills, the tempting god of tricks, and the dragon inside her own heart. 


Glory's Teeth SMALLGLORY’S TEETH, a Novella of Hungry Girls and the End of the World: Glory is the Fenris Wolf, bound for hundreds of years in the shape of a small human girl so she can never grow large enough to devour Baldur the Beautiful, god of light. Imprisoned with her hunger, Glory may not be able to swallow the sun whole, but she can hunt Baldur down, rip out his heart with her hands, and eat him a piece at a time. 

Glory tries to deny her desire because she knows when she does eat Baldur it will signal the end of the world. But would that really be such a bad thing? These days the United States of Asgard seems too decadent, too media-saturated, and too greedy. It is rotting from within and maybe it should burn. Maybe now is the time, and her hunger is growing for a reason. 

Only two people stand in her way: Soren Bearstar, devoted to Baldur and a strong berserker warrior, and Tyr the Just, god of balance and shadows. Glory loves both of them, but when a girl finally embraces her destiny, is any love enough to keep the sun in the sky? 


AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 17TH in ebook or print form!


THE LOST SUN is getting a paperback revamp!

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The second book of THE UNITED STATES OF ASGARD has a title:


Coming to you June 10th, 2014!

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From Publisher’s Weekly, March 27, 2013:

“Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton and Brenna Yovanoff’s THE ANATOMY OF CURIOSITY, a companion to their earlier THE CURIOSITIES, and a conversational step-by-step guide to their writing/ critiquing process and relationship, with new original stories by the authors in first and final draft forms, again to Andrew Karre at Carolrhoda Lab, for publication in Fall 2014, by Laura Rennert at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency for Stiefvater and Gratton, and Sarah Davies at the Greenhouse Literary Agency for Yovanoff (world English). Translation:”

THE LOST SUN, book one of The United States of Asgard, has a cover!

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Available now at Indiebound HERE, at Barnes and Noble HERE, or at Amazon HERE!

- Audio rights sold for THE LOST SUN and THE STRANGE MAID

“Tessa Gratton’s THE LOST SUN and THE STRANGE MAID, the first two books in the Songs of New Asgard series, about teens who inhabit an alternate USA founded on the tenets of ancient Norse religions, where gods walk the halls of Congress and Hollywood red carpets, and trolls inhabit the Rocky Mountains, to Laura Duane at Listening Library, for publication in Summer 2013 for book one, by Laura Rennert at Andrea Brown Literary Agency (World English).”

– Publisher’s Marketplace


(online May 30th, print June 15th)

“Blood and roses, love and death, past and present, the mundane and the magical; all intertwine in this dark fantasy, a stand-alone companion to the well-received Blood Magic (2011).

Will Sanger, high school soccer star, only wanted to free himself from his recurrent nightmares. Mab Prowd, neophyte guardian of the blood magic, only wanted to understand the curse buried beneath her rose garden. But when their choices bind their fates together, an old love story and a long-concealed crime begin to creep into the present. As Will is forced to confront his family’s recent tragedy and the demands of their expectations, Mab is called upon to devise rituals and seize powers well beyond her training. Their alternating perspectives interweave to form a nightmare of steadily building desire, obsession, sacrifice and violence. The power of this narrative lies in the gorgeous prose, lush with a gothic sensibility, ripe with sensual images of horrific beauty. The characters, while vividly drawn, are more poetic archetypes than real people, and the instant attraction between Mab and Will depends more on destiny than convincing chemistry. The workings of the blood magic make for spectacular unforgettable set pieces, but they rely upon the surreal logic of dreams rather than any rational system.

But this isn’t a tale for thinking; it’s all about feeling: passion, heartbreak, yearning and dread bleed from every page. A perfect book for those who loved Wuthering Heights and are looking for an essentially American gothic. (Horror. 14 & up)”